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quotes1ARTiculate: Real & Clear provides a powerful medium to assist individuals to understand the importance of their voice—literally and metaphorically. In turn, once you tap that voice, you then have an open forum to inspire others. 
– John Regentin, AEE


Big Buzz Brandsquotes1ARTiculate is the real deal. They provided my peers and I with straight up, no-bull feedback that totally changed my game for the better. I walked away with so many little things to tweak, and tangible ways to change them. I can’t get enough!

–  Wendy Phillips, Big Buzz Brands

 Why ARTiculate: Real&Clear


As communicators, we need to be trusted and believed.  When we align our voice, non-verbals and message, we are able to bring our true self into our communication. ARTiculate: Real&Clear is made up of a team of performers, who contrary to popular belief, have spent their time learning to be present, real and in the moment – not fake.   Inauthenticity is as undesirable in public presentation as it is in acting. As an audience, we want the wall to come down so that we can connect to the presenter. As the communicator, that can be the scariest step – to be open, vulnerable – and – connected.  ARTiculate coaches are master performers and master teachers, trained to help you access your authentic self to enable you to share that in a variety of communication settings.

Your Voice: Portray or Betray You?

Your speaking voice is a key to your powerful, clear and authentic communication. Learn ways in which your voice impacts your message–on the phone, one-on-one, in a recording, or in a presentation–learn that you have more control over it than you realize.

Can your client hear your message?

Years of work, with stage and commercial scripts, have made finding the story and guiding the message second nature for our coaches. Your message will be honed and developed so that the story and desired outcome are clearly communicated.

Uniquely designed facilitation for you and/or your team

Your location or ours, live or virtual

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Public Speaking

  • Speeches
  • Visual Presentations (power point, prezi, etc.)
  • Keynotes
  • Messaging
  • Pitching
  • Courtroom Effectiveness


  • Leading/participating
  • Webinars
  • Phone conferences

Executive Presence



Speaking Voice

  • Proper and powerful use
  • Authenticity
  • Clarity of Message
  • Dialect and Accent
  • On Phone
  • Webinars
  • Video

Theatre/Improv experiential training:

  • Leadership
  • Ensemble building
  • Communication
  • Creativity

Train the Trainers


Are you making an impact and creating the outcomes that you desire?

Move from great to excellent — the ARTiculate Team can help you knock it out of the ballpark.