quotes1To see [the ARTiculate team] in action is inspiring. Your caring, loving spirit really resonates with so many women who have worked so hard, who feel so fragile, who want so much to learn and to grow.   -Christina Martinez


quotes1Thanks, so much, for presenting another thought-provoking and FUN program for our women!  I heard so many positive comments and lots of “I need to try that…” from the attendees. I just got an email this morning from one of my coworkers who attended thanking me for inviting her and telling me how much she enjoyed your program.

As you know, our mission is to provide women with a positive professional group where they are safe to explore new ideas, encouraged to network and meet new people and actively participate in growing their careers. People like you who are willing to donate time and knowledge make this possible.
-Micki Nelson, SIM Women

As women, our voices can often seem higher or more youthful than they truly are. Do you ever feel your voice doesn’t represent who you are? Do you lose your voice? Do you feel an unexpected voice comes out in high stress situations? Whether we intend to or not, we make assumptions based on people’s voices –and therefore assumptions are being made about us as well. This can impact both your professional and personal life. The sound of our voices and the use of our voices is more under our control than we often think.

You will learn to:

  • Identify ways to keep the nervous voice from taking control.
  • Connect your breath easily and freely to your authentic voice.
  • Understand the speaking mechanism.
  • Have power over your voice.

The ARTiculate Team is comprised of highly trained professionals in voice and speech. As performers, they have first hand experience with the vocal instrument and can guide you to have more control with the use and sound of your voice.