Have you spent time in a meeting and¬†thought, “I could have read the PowerPoint [Keynote, Prezi] deck in private and saved time in my hectic schedule”? Do you want to make a greater impact and use your PowerPoint as your partner rather than the main message? Would you like people to walk away from your keynote or board meeting presentations visually remembering you and your message?

ARTiculate: Real&Clear will help your visual presentations support your message and create a visual message with flair. It will effectively and efficiently accompany your presentations for board meetings, departmental meetings, webinars, and keynotes.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a presentation around your customer need.
  • Generate your story/message in an organized and meaningful flow.
  • Learn when text is important vs. data slides and pictures.
  • Know when something is distracting vs. impactful.

You will have a greater understanding of visual presentation after training with the ARTiculate Team. Your visual presentations will be more impactful, meaningful and memorable.