Are the communication styles of your team crashing into each other? Do you have a new team member?  Has your department gone through a re-organization?  Are you a new CEO, manager, supervisor and you would like to facilitate a creative moment for your team to brainstorm, communicate, or move toward greater synergy in your teamwork?

ARTiculate: Real&Clear creates team building facilitation using improvisation.  This team building will be interactive and energizing to construct an atmosphere for creative thinking and brainstorming.

Your team is encouraged to:

  • Understand and play with improvisation.

  • Build a sense of confidence through improvisation and interactivities.

  • Experience what it feels like to think on your feet in the moment.

  • Create an atmosphere to brainstorm for creative communication.

  • Learn about your co-workers and how to facilitate teamwork.

The ARTiculate Team creates a unique session based on your business needs, objectives, and outcomes.  They will provide a safe and supportive environment for your team to explore issues and communication styles.  Your team will walk away with a better understanding of their teammates, and with a clearer understanding of how to reach your objectives together.