Have you ever had a problem or need for new creative thoughts in order to move your project or company forward?  Are team members running into roadblocks and do they need an opportunity to hear and share new innovative ideas?  Do you hear the diversity of voices of your team members when their voices could help create a breakthrough?

ARTiculate: Real&Clear has facilitators that can lead your team through a structured ideation process to effectively and efficiently take your project or creative process to the next level.

Your team will:

  • Gather research in order to identify challenges or opportunities.
  • Break down information to a more specific challenge using questions.
  • Use questions to generate new Ideas.
  • Analyze and synthesize the Ideas to narrow down in order to access the Concepts.
  • Test and select the Concepts that will be communicated to launch the innovation or change.

You will have a greater understanding how to generate creativity and problem solving after training with the ARTiculate Team.  Your team will be more focused and productive with a clear and focused direction.