quotes1ARTiculate: Real&Clear has changed the way that I think about speaking and preparation for speaking. They helped me beyond the scope of what I came for and truly changed the way I approach communication in general. I would recommend their services to anyone who values communication.

-Natalie Randolph


quotes1Working with ARTiculate: Real&CLear was fun and very informative! Their training really helped me open up and improve my public speaking skills. I highly recommend their training/workshop.

-Paige Whittman, Hunter Douglas

Are you required to present more often due to a recent job promotion? Have you had experiences in the past that have detoured you from speaking in public? Do you have a story that you want to share and you need the public speaking skills to be successful?

ARTiculate: Real&Clear has coaches that can help take your public speaking skills to the next level regardless of where you are at currently. You will have greater control of the specifics that challenge public speaking. We will take you through a highly-individualized approach to capitalize on your strengths, while addressing your challenges.

You will learn:

  • To be aware of your non-verbal communication.
  • To explore your vocal variation, known as prosody.
  • To approach your message in order to maximize your story-telling.
  • To use your breath to control your nerves and overcome your fears.

You will have a greater understanding of how to polish your presentation and speaking skills to be more clear, efficient and powerful after coaching with the ARTiculate Team.