quotes1Hilary Blair has the ability to read body language and the way a person communicates energetically. She can help you own your power and engage effectively with others.

–  Heather Hans


quotes1Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone, and helping me understand the body nuances that I have while speaking.

-Farag Darrat, Hunter Douglas

Our non-verbal communication often speaks louder than we realize.  We can unconsciously contradict what we have said by the slightest gesture or step.  This throws the credibility of our message into question.  The ARTiculate Team guides you to become aware of your own non-verbal communication – is it based on habit? Is it comfortable for you? Cultural? Is it effective? Are they gestures that you use when you are becoming nervous or excited? Are your gestures movements that you adopted early on and haven’t revisited their effectiveness in quite some time?

You will become aware of the many different aspects of non-verbal behavior including but not limited to:

  • What non-verbal communication you are currently using
  • What this communication is saying and why it matters
  • What you can do about it

The ARTiculate team will guide you toward non-verbal communication choices that are more effective in creating a clear and authentic message.