quotes1Prior to coaching with ARTiculate, I was receiving casual feedback on my presenting skills from my peers. While the intentions were good, the feedback was only causing more road blocks and stripping my confidence. Working with ARTiculate has shown me that I can be the great speaker and leader that I want to be. They make it fun, yet every session is productive. I would recommend anyone to ARTiculate.

-Tammie O’Brien, Pineapple Interiors


quotes1What an awesome experience! I have gathered so many wonderful tips, tricks and insights to not only help me with my upcoming presentation, but to help me with work and my everyday life as well! I have to find a way to get into another one of ARTiculate’s sessions.

-Lisa Meriweather, Project Manager


The ARTiculate Mission: 

quotes1ARTiculate: Real&Clear empowers individuals and groups to actualize their communication potential through the performer’s creative discipline and honest feedback.



Our vision is to create mutually beneficial space that enables businesses and artists to collaborate, cross pollinate and rock the world.


ARTiculate is a nurturing, collaborative, dog loving, performance-based community dedicated to creative excellence. Our values are comprised of the following:

  • Challenge people to embrace their potential
  • Versatility and adaptability RULE!
  • Open = growth
    • Promote honest feedback to create growth
  • Live the 3G’s – Give Back, Give Generously, Give Thanks
  • Unleash the creative discipline
  • Committed to a high level of personalized connection
    • Personalized approach to service – whether to our clients, our co-workers, and to ourselves.
    • Committed beyond listening to true hearing and response
  • Foster outrageous uniqueness
  • Give voice to authenticity
  • Practice what we teach
    • Hold ourselves to the same standard that we hold our clients