Have you ever led a meeting or a teleconference and thought that it could have been facilitated better?  Are team members leaving your meeting wondering what is the key initiative? Do you hear the voices of your team members when their feedback is crucial?

ARTiculate: Real&Clear has facilitators that can train your team on how to effectively and efficiently facilitate your board meetings, departmental meetings, webinars, teleconferences.

You will learn how to:

  • Create an Agenda that is focused.

  • Create a meeting environment that is supportive for team members

  • Ask for all team members to provide their voice.

  • Redirect issues that lead away from the topic.

  • Provide follow-up so that team members learn that ancillary issues are important.

You will have a greater understanding of meeting facilitation after training with the ARTiculate Team.  Your meetings will be more focused and productive with clear and  established outcomes.