On top of our training services, ARTiculate: Real&Clear provides keynote speaking and interactive presentations. Our coaches love to practice what we teach – pick one of our topics below for you and your group or team to view a fun, engaging and educational experience.

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Exceeded expectations. Exceeded value. There just wasn’t enough time to get enough of the ARTiculate team’s way of learning. Enough said. Comical, creative, challenging. ARTiculate: Real&Clear takes spontaneous fun and turns it into “ah-ha” moments. Worth the price of the conference. Period.

-Jane Dvorak, JKD! & Company, Inc. 


Portray or Betray

Does Your Voice Portray or Betray You?

Your speaking voice is essential to all you do and most often we have no idea what it is saying about us

This highly interactive presentation provides an understanding of why your voice matters, what you can do about it, and most importantly, how – informative and entertaining. Years as performers have given the ARTiculate team a unique understanding of the voice. Add in extensive teaching and facilitation experience to create a series of immediately useful tips and new ways of understanding how our speaking voice impacts our relationships and our business. Vocal habits of upspeak, off voice, yo-yo’ing, rumbling, little girl, and others can undermine our credibility and our impact without us realizing it. And if we do realize it, what can we do – -it’s our voice isn’t it? Get new ways to think about nerves, learn the importance of the exhale and stop mentioning diaphragmatic breathing. Discover what truly helps on the phone to be more clearly understood and what is projection – it isn’t really about being louder.
Most of us use our voices every day – take the time to adopt new communication techniques in this fun, entertaining and extremely useful talk, presentation or workshop.


 Communication Chiropractic TM

Communication ChiropracticTM – Be Trustworthy!

Align Your Verbal, Your Non-Verbal, and Your Message and Step Into the Impact

Are you contradicting yourself? Is your body sending a different message than your voice and different still from the words themselves?  Explore and examine from a totally new perspective – that of a veteran performer and teacher – exactly what you are “saying” and then give yourself a little chiropractic adjustment to be brave enough to truly step into your message. The three areas of verbal (your voice), non-verbal (your body and a whole lot more), and your message (those words so carefully chosen) need to all say the same thing or you will often come across as untrustworthy, hiding something, or disconnected. This presentation and/or workshop will give you the tools to align and step into your true communication impact.


 Connection Over Perfection TM copy

Connection Over PerfectionTM 

We Would Rather Hear the Authentic You Than a Slick Facsimile

Presentation skills meets improvisation – learn to say “Yes, And” in the moment and reap the benefits of authenticity.
A master teacher and master performer shares with you the secrets of being right here, right now. Performing is about learning to be in the moment, present and not about perfection. We want real people, really talking to us about real things. So often we are worried about the exact correct words or the exact hand gesture when that perfect gets in the way of truly communicating our message. Sometimes being “messy” allows us to show up and be present. That is what we want from those who are communicating with us – especially if it is a really important message. Learn to connect first – then explore more techniques that help you get better at that connection. This is a freeing, affirming and completely useful presentation for all who have to communicate authentically.



Executive Presence for Leadership

Harness the Power of Voice and Non-Verbals – How we Impact Those Around Us.

Executive presence is more and more assumed and with high expectations.  It is connected to personal brand, communication style and the ability to share information clearly and effectively. Years as performers and facilitators have given the ARTiculate team a unique understanding of the vast number of elements that go into how we communicate and how we are perceived — and thus received.  They have created a series of immediately useful tips and new ways of understanding how our speaking voice and non-verbals impact our relationships and our business success.  As a consultant, are you walking into the situation with confidence and executive presence? Are you comfortable listening and speaking? can you read the room? This is a highly interactive presentation which can effectively change how you show up – and thus, how you do business.




Hilary Blair is a renowned keynote speaker who has perfected the art of edutainment.

Her quick wit, playful rhetoric and honest presence has earned rave reviews.

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quotes1Wikipedia defines educational entertainment (also referred to as edutainment) as any content that is designed to educate as well as to entertain.