When you need to interview for a new position or job, the ARTiculate Team is here to coach you so that you are aware of your strengths and challenges.  Rather than worrying about the process, ARTiculate provides questions, situations, and scenarios so that you walk into your next interview with confidence and direction.

You will practice:

  • Different styles of interviewing (group, one-on-one, phone, skype).

  • Non-verbal responses to behavioral questioning.

  • Your initial greeting or entrance that includes the impression made within the first 10 seconds of the interview.

  • How to ask for what you need in a job and discuss what you have to contribute.

  • Standing out from the crowd.

The ARTiculate Team will provide supportive feedback so that you are aware of your body language, verbal responses, and your initial impression.  You will be able to approach each interviewing situation with more confidence and clarity.