Fluctuating business needs create opportunities for groups to evaluate their productivity, potential reorganization, and process changes.  ARTiculate: Real&Clear has trained facilitators that can create a supportive and creative environment for groups, departments, divisions, or boards to explore their objectives, goals and necessary outcomes.  We will help you identify issues that are inhibiting progress, as well as facilitate successful strategies for implementation after your meeting.

Your facilitator (s) will:

  • Manage your meeting agenda so that you stay on track and focused.

  • Focus the group on objectives throughout the meeting.

  • Make sure that all voices are heard.

  • Track all ancillary issues so that the meeting stays focused and additional issues are followed up later.

  • Provide a list of action items and facilitate assigning responsibility of assignments.

  • Follow-up with leader(s) to evaluate the meeting, as well as to support the after action process.

The ARTiculate Team will provide a professional, supportive environment for communication to occur in the group.  They will mine the wisdom in the group, as well as promote all individuals to voice their experience, ideas, and opinions.