quotes1ARTiculate is incredible – I highly recommend them if you want to gain your voice and be more effective in any interaction whether it is a one-on-one or a large audience presentation. I believe they could help even the most polished, professional be more effective.  ARTiculate coaches really know their stuff! 

– Carrie Clausen, Organization Development Manager


quotes1After the first session with ARTiculate, I knew that I had made the right choice. Hilary is sharp, quick witted, and a master at pinpointing potential disconnects in content and intent. She helped me hone my message and its delivery for maximum impact. I will continue to recommend ARTiculate: Real&Clear to my friends and colleagues.

-Sara Canaday, Sara Canaday & Associates

In the executive world, communication is always being assessed, whether it is through keynotes, business presentation, board meetings, etc. Executive Presentation Training has become more prevalent and more common in the business schools around the globe. ARTiculate: Real&Clear focuses on each executive’s strengths and challenges.  Our presentation model creates a unique program for every executive to fulfill her/his own individual potential.  We conduct a personalized phone consultation so that we clearly understand your past presentation experiences and/or training, as well as your current goal and reason for seeking training.  If available, we request videotaped presentations from any type of business communication prior to our first session.  Your sessions will be engaging, interactive, personable, and tailored so that when you present to your next audience, you will confidently and authentically deliver with greater impact.

You’ll become more aware of:

  • Whether your Presentation style is based on habit and/or effectiveness

  • The impact of your Non-Verbal communication.

  • The Myths that surround presentations: Shoulds, Assumptions and Past Experience.

  • Reframing of nervous energy to enhance the presentation.

  • How to harness your habits to increase effectiveness.
  • The launch and landing of your presentations.

  • Your speaking voice and whether it is betraying or portraying you.

Contact us and live into your impact with specialized executive presentation training.