quotes1Robin Miller is a smart, skillful and effective coach for professionals wanting to improve their public speaking abilities. She taught me how to make my presentations more interesting through the use of stories and anecdotes; she also helped me find ways to bring a sense of authenticity to my presentations and coached me through my nervousness. She’s just terrific.

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Executive presentations are expected to have aligned communication with clear, concise messaging.  These are often spotlight moments when key people are listening.  These moments could be during a keynote delivery, a board meeting, a shareholder meeting or during an important dinner party.  ARTiculate: Real&Clear will assist in finding your Flip It and BangTM core message, guide you in your visual representation of this message, and work on your authentic delivery that will include verbal and non-verbal elements of your presentation so that you and your message are in complete communication alignment when you stand in front of your perspective audiences.

You’ll become aware of:

  • Is your message saying what they want to hear –  or what you want to say?

  • What is your Flip It and BangTM message?

  • Is your body language and voice in alignment with your message or are they contradicting it?

  • Does your PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote presentation enhance your message? Are you presenting with it or leaning on it?

The ARTiculate Team works with each executive, company, and speaker to hone and deliver an authentic, unique and effective message.