I speak in front of people and I had no idea that some simple habits I have gave the feeling that I am not sure of what I am saying. I am very grateful for the new awareness around this and the new skills to help break the habit.  – Peret Martellini

Do you wish you could speak with less of your native accent or dialect? Are you being told that you are hard to understand or follow due to your accent or dialect?

Or, do you desire to learn a new dialect or accent?

You will learn to:

  • Identify the sounds needed for the desired dialect/accent.
  • Create the sounds as desired.
  • Acquire skills to listen and adjust in the moment.

The ARTiculate Team is comprised of trained voice and speech professionals who are highly skilled in assessing where you are now and guiding you to your desired acquisition.  Sometimes called accent modification or reduction, we find that it is more effective to learn a new dialect or accent than to change who you are.