• One, one hundred… five hundred. We all communicate to others, to groups of all sizes. This training helps groups and individuals at all levels of experience to improve the delivery of their message.
    -Ron Rubinoff, Hunter Douglas
  • The ARTiculate Team found positive, encouraging ways to work with individuals in our firm who have widely varying experience and skills. Every one of us was able to improve.
    -Chris Wineman, Semple Brown Design
  • Your training was AMAZING, and thank you again for flying halfway across the country to coach us. I’ve read and been taught a lot of communication skills and style, and I learned more in a couple hours with your team than from all the rest!
    -Elyssa Fox
  • Working with ARTiculate was the start of a long road of development that I am looking forward to with the team.
    -Michelle Meyer, Girl Authentic
  • Prior to coaching with ARTiculate, I was receiving casual feedback on my presenting skills from my peers. While the intentions were good, the feedback was only causing more road blocks and stripping my confidence. Working with ARTiculate has shown me that I can be the great speaker and leader that I want to be. They make it fun, yet every session is productive. I would recommend anyone to ARTiculate.
    -Tammie O’Brien, Pineapple Interiors
  • ARTiculate is incredible – I highly recommend them if you want to gain your voice and be more effective in any interaction whether it is a one-on-one or a large audience presentation. I believe she could help even the most polished professional be more effective. They really know there stuff! In my sessions with them, I was able to identify a few key things about my voice that were holding me back and making me less powerful and “heard.” They are great to work with and I treasured my time with them. Thank you, ARTiculate!
    -Carrie Clausen, Organization Development Manager, Staples
  • I learned more than I ever expected from ARTiculate and credit them with helping me become a more effective public speaker and facilitator. They taught me many tools to work with regularly and, it should be noted, for a professional “tune-up,” I continue to work with them before every large speaking engagement so I can get the most out of my voice, MY instrument.
    -Hollen M. Ferrendelli, think-io
  • Exceeded expectations. Exceeded value. There just wasn’t enough time to get enough of Hilary’s way of learning. Enough said. Comical, creative, challenging. Hilary takes spontaneous fun and turns it into “ah-ha” moments. Worth the price of the conference. Period.
    -Jane Dvorak, JKD! & Company, Inc.
  • ARTiculate gave a dynamic presentation on the impact of voice. Your speaking voice is essential to share your message whether on the phone, one-on-one or in a presentation. They demonstrated ways in which your voice impacts your work and ways in which you have more control over it than you realize.
    -Vail Valley Business Women
  • You need to bottle Hilary, so we can all have a fix periodically.
    -Theresa Mills Hinton
  • Your insight and inspiration have had a lasting impression.
    -Aaron Connor
  • What an awesome experience! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this class and was lucky enough to get in!! I have gathered so many wonderful tips, tricks and insights to not only help me with my upcoming presentation, but to help me with work and my everyday life as well! I have to find a way to get into another one of ARTiculate’s sessions.
    -Lisa Meriweather, Project Manager
  • Having played in the NFL for 15 seasons, I know a thing or two about what makes a great coach. Passion, hard work, understanding the craft, being a teacher, finding someone’s best qualities and giving them the tools so they have the best chance for success are all the things that Hilary brings to each and every session. Great coaching makes a difference. Hilary is a great coach, period.
    – Chad Brown
  • Our workshop with Articulate was excellent and offered all that we asked for and more. I would definitely recommend their company for media/speaking training. The trainers were engaging, fun and informative.
    – Better Business Bureau – Denver
  • ARTiculate: Real & Clear provides a powerful medium to assist individuals to understand the importance of their voice—literally and metaphorically. In turn, once you tap that voice, you then have an open forum to inspire others.
    – John Regentin, Association of Experiential Education