quotes1I finished my first day of recording video today, and my producer said my range is significantly greater and sounds wonderful. He also said I sound excited about my topic and it isn’t a topic that is very exciting. He’s very pleased, and am I! Thanks!

-Bonnie Biafore


quotes1Hilary and the ARTiculate team taught me in less than 20 minutes how to sound more real in my video so that I do now sound like a “presenter” but a real person!

-Carolyn TeKrony, Hunter Douglas

With the prevalence of webinars, teleconferences, and short videos, executives are discovering that they are required to know how to present in person as well as on-camera.  Our experienced on-camera ARTiculate Team will coach you on the pointers that you need to know to make the most of the visual medium. You will be empowered to step boldly and confidently in front of the camera and make the most of it.

You will become aware of, (but not limited to):

  • The differences in impact of video and film versus in-person presentations.
  • How your messaging changes and the importance of thought chunks.
  • What non-verbal communication is effective or distracting film?

  • If it is an interview, how do you use the questions most effectively as a guide prior and during the filming?

The ARTiculate Team will prepare you for your On Camera experience and prepare you to look and sound professional and confident.