PRESS: Five Ways to Train Your Voice to Sound Powerful on MSNBC

Five Ways to Train Your Voice to Sound PowerfulOriginally posted on the Levo League website, this article on vocal habits by Corie Hengst is now on MSNBC. The article features Hilary speaking about vocal fry, laser voice, filler words and code switching. (more…)

PRESS: Don’t Give Away Your Power, Radio Interview with Angie Austin

Hilary on Daybreak USA with Angie AustinDon’t Give Away Your Power!

Hilary joined Angie Austin on DaybreakUSA to talk about vocal habits and power- what they mean, how they affect us, and how to be aware. Listen here!


PRESS: How to Train Your Voice to Sound More Powerful

Hilary was interviewed and is featured in this article by Corie Hengst for Levo League. Read about vocal habits and tips to control them: (more…)

The Benefits of ARTiculate: Real&Clear

Articulate-Logo-WebsiteActors study and work to be in the moment and present. It is a common misunderstanding that actors are being fake while acting, when in fact, they are practicing to be really present in each moment. The energy we often feel as fake is equally non-desirable in acting as it is in public presentation. As an audience we want the wall to come down so that we can connect to the presenter. As the presenter that can be the scariest step – to be open, vulnerable – and – connected.

At ARTiculate: Real&Clear, we work to align speaking voice with emotional voice for effective connection and communication.



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