The Voice of an Email

Warning: Reading email on your smartphone can cause miscommunication.

The size of the screen seems to impact the “voice” of an email. At least it may impact what we hear when we read it to ourselves.

Have you ever read an email on your smartphone and assumed a certain tone? Then, upon re-reading it on your laptop or desktop computer, you realize it has a completely different tone?  Usually, it’s not quite as abrupt or curt as we had originally experienced. (more…)

Your Thinking Voice

Your Thinking VoiceSometimes when we are thinking as we are answering, we use a different voice.

To the listener, it can sound as if you are “in your head”. Your voice may not have the full warmth and emotion that is usual or expected.  It can be a bit tight, tentative, and restricted sounding.

Good to remember: if you are thinking hard about something and want to share it, you need to consciously shift to your whole voice. As we have written about previously, you need to adjust to use the full stereo sound – bass and treble – keeping in mind the warmth of the vowels with fuller breath flow.  

On the phone, we can hear if someone is “in their head.”  In person, we can see it in their eyes and sense it through other non-verbal communication as well.  It’s expected to have a “thinking voice,” and it is advantageous to be aware of this vocal code habit and to adjust it for better landing with your audience.

Written By Hilary Blair

Virtual Communication: Your Voice on the Phone

Virtual Communication Your Voice on the Phone by Hilary Blair of ARTiculate: Real&ClearWhen you’re on a business call, be careful not to try to sound laid back. You may come off sleepy or disinterested. Your voice may go monotone – which is hard to follow. You may drop into the vocal fry which is difficult to hear on the phone.

Without face to face communication, your listeners need more vocal energy and variety.

Make it easy for your audience: speak up, use your full voice and let the music of your voice clarify your message.

Record yourself on a call, play it back, and be sure that you are easy to follow.

Conference calls are a part of business. With more vocal energy, your message will be clearer, your communication will be more efficient, and the call will be shorter!

Written By Hilary Blair

Dance – Jiggle – Do a Little Move

Dance-WiggleBring your whole body along to meetings and presentations. So often we seem to focus on just our brains and voices. We need the whole body to be connected for our breath, voice, and communication to connect.


Successful Communication Requires Heart

Communication HeartDo you find you sometimes forfeit “you” in work scenarios? Do you edit out some of your amazing and best qualities because they don’t seem “professional”?  Do you feel you leave out your heart and your empathy and then feel disjointed or disconnected? (more…)



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