The Interview / Audition – Sitting in the Hot Seat

Sitting in the ‘Hot Seat’

Interviewing - The Hot SeatHow many times have you heard that phrase used when you are going into an interview? Maybe you said it yourself when you entered the room, or possibly the interview team said, “We know this must feel like the hot seat.”

The terminology of “hot seat” is an interesting turn of phrase when you think about interviewing. It has been said to mean that the person sitting in the hot seat is being asked to be responsible for important or difficult things. How is this possible when you are walking into an unfamiliar work place with people that you may not know? (more…)

Interviewing – It’s a Two-Way Street

The Interviewing HoneymoonSometimes it’s hard to remember that you are interviewing your prospective employer as much as they are interviewing you. You can feel so anxious that you’ll do anything to get the job. And then it’s not until after the new job honeymoon that you realize it’s not a good relationship. (more…)

The Benefits of ARTiculate: Real&Clear

Articulate-Logo-WebsiteActors study and work to be in the moment and present. It is a common misunderstanding that actors are being fake while acting, when in fact, they are practicing to be really present in each moment. The energy we often feel as fake is equally non-desirable in acting as it is in public presentation. As an audience we want the wall to come down so that we can connect to the presenter. As the presenter that can be the scariest step – to be open, vulnerable – and – connected.

At ARTiculate: Real&Clear, we work to align speaking voice with emotional voice for effective connection and communication.



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