Who’s Responsible for the Toner?

When I’m standing at the copier and noticing that the black and white copies are beginning to fade into nothingness,  my first question is always, “who’s responsible for the toner?”

When I am communicating with others, guess what? I am responsible for the toner!  My vocal inflection and tone will color everything.  Even if I’m not upset specifically with the person in front of me – they may think that I am because of my tone of voice.  


Improv for Business is Like Ballet for Football – the high achievers realize they need cross training for outstanding performance.

For speakers, managers, team leads – and all who have to communicate with others – improv, or improvisational, skills are essential. And we want to make a clear distinction that improv is not simply “winging” it or “talking off the cuff”.

View our video on the “Mind the Gap” concept here

It is being present and flexible in the moment – listening and responding to the needs of the situation. Being excellent at improv takes practice.

Improv for Business GlassesWhy improvisation? Why are business schools incorporating improv into the curriculum?

In business it pays to be nimble with our thoughts, decisions and responses.

Improvisation is about learning to be in the moment, quick on the uptake, and flexible.

Business training realizes it has a great deal to learn from the arts.  Improv troupes and jazz musicians understand that improvisation is about knowing your subject so well that you can move without a script, handle variations, and play with embellishment while still having the tune recognizable.

In business, listening is absolutely essential. Improv seems like it can be all about the quick come back or retort.  Yet, phenomenal listening skills are the foundation to that response.  What do master improv actors and highly successful business people have in common? They excel at listening and observing.   (more…)

BIZCOM: Think Before You Leap

Think Before You Leap - Bizcom by Robin A. Miller, Ph. D, COO & Lead Coach of ARTiculate: Real&Clear

Image courtesy of CareerThoughtLeaders.com

Think before you leap into a difficult conversation. With the holiday season approaching, we may have many festivities at the office or at home with family and friends. Sometimes these special events open the door for conflict and/or difficult conversations. Here are a few helpful tips for these moments:

  • Take a moment and write some notes.
  • Plan so that you stay on track with the conversation. These notes will direct you back to the real point of the meeting should it be derailed.
  • Also, if at home or away for the holidays and a moment of conflict should arise, take a moment to step away. Let everyone know that you need a moment to think.
  • You could pull out your phone and make notes there, or if you don’t have your phone, step away, clear your emotional energy, think about the next steps, and then reenter the conversation in a different space.

Direct the conversation with a well thought out plan so that real authentic connection can happen and move your relationships forward.

by Robin A. Miller, Ph. D.

A2: Autumn Affirmation

RobinsTreeI planted an Autumn Brush Maple, a few years ago, outside of my office window at home. I noticed this year, with all the spring rain and cooler temps in Denver, that it has really grown. The neighbor even noticed how much taller it is this year. The tree is gorgeous this fall.

This makes me think about how much affirmation we provide to each other in our work environments. (more…)


The world of compliments is multifaceted.  There are at least two noticeable sides:  giving or receiving.   We may find it difficult to give compliments or we may have a difficult time receiving compliments.  There is an art to doing either one.  (more…)



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