Improv for Business is Like Ballet for Football – the high achievers realize they need cross training for outstanding performance.

For speakers, managers, team leads – and all who have to communicate with others – improv, or improvisational, skills are essential. And we want to make a clear distinction that improv is not simply “winging” it or “talking off the cuff”.

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It is being present and flexible in the moment – listening and responding to the needs of the situation. Being excellent at improv takes practice.

Improv for Business GlassesWhy improvisation? Why are business schools incorporating improv into the curriculum?

In business it pays to be nimble with our thoughts, decisions and responses.

Improvisation is about learning to be in the moment, quick on the uptake, and flexible.

Business training realizes it has a great deal to learn from the arts.  Improv troupes and jazz musicians understand that improvisation is about knowing your subject so well that you can move without a script, handle variations, and play with embellishment while still having the tune recognizable.

In business, listening is absolutely essential. Improv seems like it can be all about the quick come back or retort.  Yet, phenomenal listening skills are the foundation to that response.  What do master improv actors and highly successful business people have in common? They excel at listening and observing.   (more…)

PRESS: How to Be A Communication Chiropractor

Robin speaks with the World Positive Thinkers Club on How to Be a Communication Chiropractor:

The Business of Breathing

Whether you are speaking to a group — or just trying to be heard by your employer, employees, or colleagues—being clear and believable are key to your success.

What sets successful leaders apart from the pack? Simple as it sounds, the answer is: breathing deeply.

Business of Breathing by ARTiculate: Real&ClearWe know you’ve heard that many times before—but do you know what it really means? And why it matters so much?

Poor breath use can contribute to you sounding annoying or shrill—if you are a woman. And men, you are not off the hook—you default to the unintelligible mumble rumble. Sure your voice sounds great, but can anyone understand you?

More importantly, but more subtly, poor breath use can cause you to present as closed off, inauthentic, and untrustworthy. We’re pretty sure that’s not your intention.

At Articulate Real & Clear, we are committed to helping our clients breathe deeply, speak clearly, and share their authentic message—simply.

After all, crafting your message effectively is complicated enough — so let’s make the voice part easy. (more…)

Dance – Jiggle – Do a Little Move

Dance-WiggleBring your whole body along to meetings and presentations. So often we seem to focus on just our brains and voices. We need the whole body to be connected for our breath, voice, and communication to connect.


Successful Communication Requires Heart

Communication HeartDo you find you sometimes forfeit “you” in work scenarios? Do you edit out some of your amazing and best qualities because they don’t seem “professional”?  Do you feel you leave out your heart and your empathy and then feel disjointed or disconnected? (more…)



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