Better Leadership Requires Better Communication

Elevate your LEADERSHIP by fully accessing the POWER of your voice.

When: May 18 & 25 – Thursdays – 6:00pm-8:30pm – 2 weeks
Where: ARTiculate: Real&Clear Studios, 2727 Bryant St. Denver, CO  80211

  • Amp up your impact.
  • Forge Connections.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Connect better virtually.
  • Move from DIRECTING to MOTIVATING your team. 

Your voice is an untapped tool that often gets overlooked and is rarely targeted as a cause of leadership challenges – yet it almost always plays a role.  

Recognize this impact, access techniques to use your voice fully and with more precision, and up-level your career.

Your voice reveals you. Lead with clarity, efficiency, and instill confidence in your teams or – be misunderstood – leading to miscommunication, confusion, and wasted time. Don’t fall for the old school and outdated monotone “professional “ tone — it wastes valuable time because you’re losing your audience. Playing it safe isn’t always the strongest choice – Ready to risk being more effective?

Step into your presence. Claim your voice and claim your space.



About the facilitators:

Hilary Blair, CEO & Executive Communication Coach

Hilary Blair, presentation and speaking voice expert, is a highly regarded coach and facilitator working extensively across the US with a variety of businesses including American Express, Janus Funds, Staples, Liberty Global, and Hunter Douglas. She trains high achievers craving honest feedback in order to grow. Hilary’s years as a stage, film and voice over actor, teacher, and voice coach present a unique skill set.  She sees beyond habits and learned behaviors to what is unique and authentic in the individual or group.  In addition, she facilitates workshops that use improvisation in order to improve leadership skills, team building and creativity.  She is on faculty for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and has been adjunct faculty for a number of universities. Hilary is CEO and lead coach for Articulate: Real&Clear. She is an active member of Toastmasters and is a board member of VASTA – the Voice and Speech Trainers Association. She holds an MFA in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and a BA from Yale University.


Dr. Doug Montequin, SLP

Dr. Montequin has a unique set of training and experience in the areas of health sciences and theater. By training in undergraduate education at the University of Maryland, he majored in theater with a minor in medical coursework. During this time, he learned how to perform and use his voice in a complimentary manner with body/movement. His graduate training at the University of Iowa was in speech pathology and vocology (voice rehabilitation) where he learned to keep the vocal instrument healthy as well as how to rehabilitate the voice when injured. He stayed at the U of Iowa where he earned his Ph. D. in speech and hearing sciences to continue research on vocal extremes (screaming, shouting, etc) and develop a further understanding of the bio-mechanical and neurological principles involved with voice. Dr. Montequin has a passion for combining the theater training and experience in the arena of voice, speech, and presentation.


Kenny Storms

Kenny Storms has been teaching and facilitating for the last 16 years. He is a Director, Sound Designer, and Theatre Maker working both regionally in Denver and abroad in Ireland. He served as the Artistic Director for the Denver Repertory Theatre Company and ran the Academy of Charter Schools performing arts department for 3 years before joining the ARTiculate team. He is the co-founder of Grapefruit Lab, an experimental multimedia collaboration and facilitator for Mirror Image Arts, an organization that supports youth finding their voice.

He helps individuals to align with their authentic selves, guide people to show up as their best and specializes in customer relations.

He received his B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Northern Colorado with an emphasis in Acting, Directing, and Theatre Education.