Catalyst Healthy Solutionsquotes1Hilary moved an entire room full of experiential educators to a new level of communication, presentation, story, and voice. We will incorporate what we have learned into our practice! Thank you!

-Cheryl Schwartz, Catalyst Healthy Solutions, LLC



quotes1Having played in the NFL for 15 seasons, I know a thing or two about what makes a great coach. Passion, hard work, understanding the craft, being a teacher, finding someone’s best qualities and giving them the tools so they have the best chance for success are all the things that Hilary brings to each and every session. Great coaching makes a difference. Hilary is a great coach, period. 

– Chad Brown

Whether you are speaking to a group—or trying to be heard by your employer, employees, or colleagues—being clear and authentic are the keys to your success. Authenticity being heard in the voice is important in live conversations, as well as virtual sessions via phone or webinar.

What sets successful leaders apart from the pack is utilizing your own true and authentic voice: speaking with the authority that comes with using your voice efficiently and effectively.

Many of us have adopted manners of speaking that disconnect us from our truth.

Poor breath use and voice placement can make your voice sound annoying or shrill. On a more subtle level, it can make you come across as closed off, inauthentic, and untrustworthy. Clearly, that’s not your intention.

You will come away learning:

  • How to place your voice naturally so you can speak effortlessly
  • Best use of prosodic choices that connect to truth
  • What your most authentic voice is and how to use it
  • To identify which of your habits can betray your authority and confidence and what to do about it
  • Use of code habits that connect your voice to your message

  • Conscious choices that can positively impact your communication and your ROI

The ARTiculate Team is committed to helping our clients breathe deeply, speak clearly, and share their authentic message and authentic voice—without making it a complicated process.